State uniquely combines advanced technology with the human touch to increase recoveries experience AND patient satisfaction.


Gamification incorporates the KPI's most important to you and makes work fun while driving desired behavior by engaging representatives.

KPI's measure can include:

Number of

Number of immediate pays

Number of compliments

Leaderboard enables reps to see in real-time where they stand relative to their peers.

Reps can challenge peers to a dual, encouraging a healthy sense of competition and comradery.

As reps earn points, they "level up" and are awarded badges.

Representatives can use points to purchase prizes, including gift cards.

Gamification reinforces State's core value of FUN and encourages representatives to focus on desired KPI's and action.

"The system helps me keep myself personally accountable. I like to see what I immediately need to improve on throughout the day. I can see my calls and payments during the day and know what I need to do to reach my daily goals. I really like that it's immediate and gives you instant feedback."

"I like that it shows what my personal best was. Then, once I've out-done myself, it stretches the goal a little further, so I keep increasing my performance."