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State Ranked #1
Best in KLAS Debt Collection Services Category

State has been ranked #1 in the Best in KLAS Debt Collection Services category, achieving a score of 90.7. This recognition is part of the KLAS Research’s annual assessment of software and service providers within the healthcare industry.
State Collection Service Debt Collection Services

“Of the handful of collections agencies I use, State Collection Service … has the most sophisticated technology and analytics at their disposal to help leverage dollars they bring in the door. Since using this firm, we have seen increased dollars collection on the bad debt side of the house.”  

-Director, October 2022

“State Collection Service is in touch with the industry and their employees. They have multiple things covered, including the engagement with us and how much their employees love working for State. We can tell that by our interactions with their teams. Their positivity is amazing.”

-Director, July 2023

“State Collection Service is a good, trusted advisor for industry trends, including what is going on in the marketplace with bad debt and the current regulatory or legislative environment surrounding Bad Debt.”

-Director, June 2023

State Collection Service KLAS overall Vendor Score
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“agree” or “strongly agree” that they would recommend the service to colleagues.



“agree” or “strongly agree” that the service satisfies a need in the industry.

State is committed to continuous improvement. Our active involvement in industry organizations such as HFMA and American Collector’s Association International helps us continue to improve and learn from our peers. Additionally, our managers and executives are consistently asked to share their expertise and forward thinking, serving as board members as well as earning certifications in many prominent industry organizations including:

8 Time Winner – Best Places to Work in Collections (’16-’23)
Member – HFMA Medical Accounts Receivable Resolution Task Force (2016 & 2020)
HFMA Certified Revenue Cycle Representatives (CRCR)
President – HFMA Wisconsin Chapter (2021)
President – ACA International (’95-’96)
President Elect – ACA International (’23-’24)
President – Great Lakes Collectors Association (2019)
Member – ACA International Board of Directors
Chairman – ACA International PPMS Committee
Chairman – Committee for the ACA International’s Education Council
Member – ACA International Ethics Board
Our commitment to leadership, quality assurance, and education within the revenue cycle industry has helped raise the bar for outsourcing organizations across the nation. Our executive management team’s leadership capabilities permeate through our organization to create a culture and expectation of excellence.

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