Partnerships for a Lifetime

Through our daily call and account-handling processes, our teams work to build trust and compassion for patients by continuing to adhere to the culture that has been established at State over seven decades, thereby assuring that your good reputation and relationships are maintained with your patient base.

State has continued to build itself on the foundation of quality assurance, ethics, integrity, and performance. Our long history of success is a result of building our client relationships through mutual trust and respect; our future success depends on this as well. From our hiring practices, to our training program, and continuing through our daily collection practices and customer service interaction, State is committed to upholding our company vision –


State is a good partner that works very hard to balance financial returns and the medical centers' mission to put our patients first. Through their partnership and collaboration, we have experienced how well they treat our patients, along with increased collection rates.

Jerry Brooks

Director, PFS UW Medicine