Each month a series of calls is chosen at random by our Quality and Training team members. This group listens to the calls, grading each according to the monitoring checklist applicable to that work group, and then conducting a listening session with the supervisor and representative. These coaching sessions normally last about an hour and we typically find the representatives open to the feedback; often, they have more thoughts on how to improve the calls or strategy ideas for how to increase recoveries than what was initially identified by the trainer..

Our representatives also appreciate the quality assurance bonuses tied to achieving top scores on their monthly telephone monitors. There is a high degree of satisfaction in knowing that the call was handled within company standards and at the end of the call the client and their customer would be happy with how it is handled. Calls that follow the guidelines established lead to positive experiences.

“Through the coaching process we get to hear how the collector interacts with the patient and the level of empathy provided during each unique situation that comes up. There is coaching on adapting the talk-off to each patient and guiding them to proper resolution of the debt, while making sure the patient feels comfortable working with our staff members. Having a positive experience with our collectors is a top goal for our team,” stated Mike Paumen, Site Manager at our Madison location.

Key elements measured during the monitoring process include, among others:

Compliance with Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and HIPAA requirements
Proper identification of the right party
Negotiation skills
Closing the call
Would the client be happy with the call?
According to Jeff Voss, a five-year tenured healthcare collector, “The value of the phone monitoring process is that it ensures I am in compliance with collection laws and following company guidelines. When I’m in a monitoring session, one thing I listen for in my calls is that I help the patient come to the best possible resolution for them and the client regarding their account.”

We recently made an investment in a proven solution that allows us to control the quality of 100% of our calls. This new solution also provides us with strengthened call and speech analytics, providing added value for our clients.

Our call monitoring process is time-tested and proven effective in developing some of the best employees in this industry. Our ultimate goal is to ensure overall satisfaction of our clients and our clients’ customers – we know that managing the quality of our calls ensures that your customers have a positive experience with us.

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