State uniquely combines advanced technology with the human touch to increase recoveries AND patient satisfaction.

Some patients need assistance answering questions about their account. Others prefer to interact with a human to pay their account. State offers knowledgeable, empathetic representatives to provide a positive patient experience while achieving high first call resolution rates.

Representatives are highly trained by our dedicated training staff and through ACA's PCS and HFMA's CRCR certification programs.

Our team's high first call resolution rate combined with strong patient satisfaction ratings create a positive experience.

Staff is dedicated to your inventory to ensure they are familiar with your patient demographics as well as aligning with your vision values and policies.

Started in 1949 with 3-generations of family leadership, State's culture is built upon Fun, Family, and Flexibility. Engaged, positive team members are best able to create a positive patient experience.

Named "Best Places to Work" for six years running. Our engaged team delivers positive patient experience and recoveries.