Update on MIA

State's Interactive Virtual Assistant!

State’s go live for the Interactive Virtual Assistant (IVA), known as Mia, has been successful!  We intentionally launched with only a few clients so we could fine-tune the technology before increasing the volume of calls Mia handles.

The technology been accepting inbound calls for a small volume of clients since March 31. We now have 6 clients active with Mia which include Wellstar, Iasis, Apria, Life Bridge, UC San Diego, and BayHealth. As we continue to perform live listening sessions and monitoring, we want to thank all everyone for their participation and questions. This is cutting-edge technology that our competitors do not have.

Mia has received 1,864 inbound calls from March 31 – April 14 which has led to 21 payments totaling $4,182.

Other Mia statistics include:

  • 593 agent transfers took place during this period
  • 859 callers engaged with Mia (46%)
  • Additional IVA training classes were conducted on April 19 and April 21.
  • Continued modifications of scripting are taking place to help reduce hang ups, increase caller engagement, and improve the overall caller experience.
  • Our vendor is working through programming to help improve the IVA notes that are being transferred from IVA callers.

Special thanks to the Dan Buzzell and the entire IT team for their efforts to over the past two years to offer this technology to our clients and their patients.