Tips on Working Remote

While we are hopeful the ongoing vaccine distribution will allow more normal operations to resume this year, the reality is that most of us will continue to work from home for the next several months. During this time, it is critical that our entire team remain focused on being productive and providing outstanding service to our clients and their patients. Especially for team members who wish to remain remote once the offices have reopened, it is critical to demonstrate high productivity from a remote environment. Below are several tips to help everyone remain focused and productive while remote.

  1. Stick to routine and a schedule

We all instinctively develop work routines at the office. They are still critical when you work remote. Have a routine to help you begin your scheduled shift on time and ready to focus. This might include a workout, likely a shower and breakfast. Rolling out of bed at the last second and working in your pajamas generally does not lead to a great day at work.

Starting well matters but taking your scheduled breaks will also help you remain focused and productive throughout the day. Use your breaks to move, even if it is just to walk to the end of the block, take the dog out or get the mail.

Many people find it difficult to end their day when they work from home. In order to remain productive long-term, you need to set boundaries for the end of the day and have a routine to transition to “being home.” Some people find a “fake commute” helpful – where they work out, engage in a hobby or other activity to signify the end of their workday before they begin responsibilities at home.

  1. Have a dedicated workspace

Whenever possible, it is helpful to have a space that is dedicated for work. This allows you to focus while at work as well as make the transition to home easier when you leave your workspace.

Just as you would at the office, make your workspace conducive to productivity and comfort. Do you need more or less light? Do you need to adjust your computer monitor height or use a different chair? Would a family photo, potted plant or scented candle make your space more enjoyable?

Given the amount of time we spend at work, creating a space that encourages focus, productivity and comfort is critical to long-term success.

  1. Connect with teammates

People are social by nature. And while many enjoy not having to commute, especially during the winter months, and being able to wear comfortable clothes to work, many people feel disconnected from teammates. Especially when the novelty of working from home wears off, it isn’t unusual to feel lonely. It is important to make an effort to connect with teammates virtually. Whether participating in company-wide online events or turning your camera on to connect with a teammate on video, we all need to make the time and effort to connect with our State family. Our culture and sense of connection is one of our greatest strengths as a company. It takes all of us making an effort to stay connected while most of us haven’t seen a co-worker in person for nearly a year.

  1. Communicate with your supervisor

When frequent conversations in the hallway and in the breakroom aren’t possible, it is easy skip needed communication or make assumptions. Especially when you are working remote, it is important to communicate with your supervisor. Share your wins, what you are working on as well as what you need from them or any struggles you are facing currently.

  1. Make time for physical activity

Working from home can cause everyone to move less. For both your mental and physical health, it is important to make the effort to engage in physical activity. Even playing with your pets or children or going for a walk around the neighborhood can be helpful.

State appreciate the effort team members have made to adapt to a new working environment while still providing our clients and their patients with outstanding service. We are committed to supporting every team members whether working in office or remote.