Webinar: Understanding What the CFPB’s Proposed Debt Collection Rules Mean to You

If you missed the recent HFMA Webinar “Understand What the CFPB’s Proposed Debt Collection Rules Mean to You,” you can access the recording online.

This session focuses on the sweeping updated rules for debt collection proposed by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). Once enacted, it will necessitate changes to workflows and business rules for all bad debt collection agencies, including those working in medical debt.

Listen as the panel of experts identifies both positive and negative areas of interest, and describe what medical providers should consider in order to maintain compliance as they partner with third parties in the revenue cycle management process that are directly governed by debt collection regulations and the proposed rules. You will take away specific opportunities to improve the patient experience and increase recoveries through omni-channel communication options, which will be available under the proposed rules.

“The rules will have an impact on every provider’s business office,” said Steve Beard, State’s chief business development officer. “We want to work with our partners to prepare for compliance in ways that will actually improve both the patient experience and recoveries. We hope you will download this Webinar to learn how.”

Click here to access the Webinar.