Understanding the Predicted Decline in Recoveries

If you missed, or would like to review State’s informative discussion with Dr. Andrew Nigrinis, the recording is available now.

He recently completed an in-depth analysis of the proposed medical debt credit reporting ban and its impact – including the predicted decline in medical debt recoveries.

Dr. Nigrinis’ conclusions include:

• Expected liquidation rates of medical accounts referred to debt collectors will decrease by 10%

• Loss of income to medical providers due to non-payment of services

• Potential harm to patients without health insurance, those who have chronic diseases, or protected class members

Based on Dr. Nigrinis’s analysis, a complete ban on medical debt credit reporting is predicted to decrease recoveries on bad debt accounts, even for healthcare providers who do not credit report today.

Click here to stream this informative discussion and learn more about action steps your organization can take to mitigate impact.