State Collection Service has made it a top priority to use the most advanced technology available in our industry to ensure the most positive interactions with patients. Our dedicated Training Department is fortunate enough to be able to introduce our newest team members to these advancements from the first day of new-hire training.

CallMiner’s EurekaLIVE! is a speech analytics tool used for immediate, real-time coaching. In our offices, we have wall-mounted screens that list representative names and progress as they are on calls with patients. Color blocks populate next to the representative’s name, signifying the patient’s tone of voice and frame of mind. Using the colors we are all familiar with – green, yellow, and red – our teams are able to, at a glance, assess how every call is progressing throughout its duration. As you can imagine, the ability to constantly see how a call if going gives incredible power to our agents and supervisors to ensure that every call is handled with the care that we not only we expect, but that our clients expect. For example, if a patient states they want to speak to a supervisor, the block will change from green to yellow. If the consumer says the key word “supervisor” again, the block will move from yellow to red. This immediate feedback allows a supervisor or manager, as well as the training team, to provide assistance to both the representative and the patient, addressing any concerns right away.

EurekaLIVE! has innumerable benefits. We have seen the confidence rise in our representatives because they know that help is always a few steps away. LIVE! serves as a real-time coach, providing regular fly-outs with helpful information, helping to ensure they are providing each patient with a positive experience. Additionally, CallMiner allows us to review the recorded calls with the representatives at any time, allowing them to see and hear what went well and what could have been better. LIVE! allows for ease of coaching and feedback to help our representatives, encouraging positive behaviors and skill sets. Equally important, as trainers, we are able to recognize trends and create classroom training to combat any negative behaviors; the feedback loop of EurekaLIVE! helps us continually improve our curricula to emphasize those behaviors that ensure a positive patient outcome.

Research shows 71% of consumers would recommend a business to others following a positive experience. Twenty-one percent, would, however, seek “revenge” (e.g. posting a negative review online or venting frustration through social media) after an unsatisfactory company interaction. With that in mind, State Collection Service has found a way to ensure that the patients are receiving a positive experience while on the phone with our team. We are able to utilize all of the feedback from CallMiner and EurekaLIVE! for positive reinforcement as well as training opportunities. Our use of advanced speech analytics has positively shaped and enhanced the Training Department, ensuring we have the finest representatives representing State Collection Service and our clients.

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*This article first appeared in “A State Collection Service, Inc. Newsletter Volume 23, Issue 2, Second Quarter 2017”