A number one priority at State Collection Service is the successful management of our clients; it has been since my grandfather started the company in 1949. We want to be the best and to do that we need to fulfill our clients’ needs in performance, consumer satisfaction, compliance, and education, ultimately creating a true partnership. Our corporate vision, Partnerships for a Lifetime, reflects this desire to be the best and is something that we do not take lightly.

But how do we monitor whether we are successfully managing our clients? Our clients have many goals for us including performing at the highest level while ensuring a complaint-free environment, so we have developed a system to monitor those factors that help build and maintain strong relationships with our clients. We have been using this system since early 2015 to monitor our clients on a daily basis.

So how does it work? We first review performance, especially in cases where we find ourselves in competition with another receivables organization. We strive to be the top performer for all of our clients and what we learn from a monthly report card or directly from the client determines what color we assign to that entity – Red (client at risk), Yellow (needs immediate attention), or Green (good standing). This report is shared across the company and is reinforced in our staff meetings throughout the week.

The system doesn’t just monitor performance – it also tracks complaints (either from the client or from a consumer), unresolved client requests, untimely IT requests or system implementations, and the overall client relationship. Are we meeting regularly? What feedback are we getting from the client? Do we have strong relationships at all levels? The answers to all of these questions factor into our client rating system of Red, Yellow, and Green.

When we implemented our new performance monitoring report, we found that we had slightly over 10% of our clients in a Yellow or Red status. With this report, we were able to provide guidance to all departments within the company; with those areas knowing a client was at risk, they are able to give that client some extra attention. After a year of using this report, we’re proud to say that we have improved the number of our clients in a non-green status to less than 4%. Of course, we will not be satisfied until 100% of our clients are in a green status.

About State Collection Service, Inc.

Since 1949, State Collection Service has provided quality collection service to countless healthcare organizations.

Through experience and innovation, State Collection Service has grown to become a tremendously credible and nationally-recognized collection agency offering services from pre-registration to bad debt. It is upon the basis of ethical behavior and a dedication to integrity that each State Collection Service employee works to uphold the company’s vision – Partnerships for a Lifetime.

*This article first appeared in “A State Collection Service, Inc. Newsletter Volume 22, Issue 3, Third Quarter 2016”