Moving into the second quarter of 2014, the Training Department at State Collection Service will focus on designing, developing and enhancing our professional development program into a deeper, richer and more robust plan for staff at all levels. Training will also continue to propel ahead of the healthcare curve with office wide trainings to include:

Affordable Care Act: All new hires are receiving a comprehensive training of the ACA that not only introduces them to the Act, but also draws a clear and concise relationship to how the Act impacts our business and our consumers. With a better understanding of the ACA, our reps are prepared to pass this knowledge along to consumers and answers questions confidently as needed.

Insurance Basics: Our Insurance Basics training takes our representatives into a deep dive of insurance terminology, compliance, processes, standards and forms, to equip them with a broad range of insurance awareness for a thorough consumer experience during each and every call. Our reps are prepared for any situation with any patient at any time!

Certified Revenue Cycle Representative (CRCR): State Collection Service continues to partner with HFMA to develop our representatives’ revenue cycle knowledge and expertise by way of training and certification. This year we are adding a full bodied Coaching Course that will offer support and understanding of the 8 content areas that the online training course covers (compliance, patient access, claims processing, accounts resolution, cash, financial management, healthcare reform, and other revenue cycle departments).

Professional Collection Specialist: The Training Department is conducting ACA International training to certify our representatives after six months of employment. This certification prepares the representatives with compliant and effective collection techniques that positively impacts their ability to manage calls at all levels of collection.

Additionally, we are determined to remain adept, focused and aware of training opportunities, before they arise, and being absolutely prepared for them. Some of the additional training objectives we hope to accomplish in 2014 are supplemental training for Supervisors to increase and encourage employee interaction, satisfaction and development; developmental training for third party collectors to enhance talk off, rebuttals, urgency and system usage; facilitate ACA Trainer Specialist Designation/Certification for all training staff to enable them to teach ACA International’s core collector courses at any of our offices; and exceed the annual training goal of 1.5 hours of training per employee per month.

The staff at State Collection Service can look forward to consistent and effective training coming their way throughout 2014 and beyond. With increasingly developed healthcare training initiatives and curriculum, State Collection Service can blossom in ways never imagined and soar to new heights, gliding far ahead of the competitive curve.

About State Collection Service, Inc.

Since 1949, State Collection Service has provided quality collection service to countless healthcare organizations.

Through experience and innovation, State Collection Service has grown to become a tremendously credible and nationally-recognized collection agency offering services from pre-registration to bad debt. It is upon the basis of ethical behavior and a dedication to integrity that each State Collection Service employee works to uphold the company’s vision – Partnerships for a Lifetime.

*This article first appeared in “A State Collection Service, Inc. Newsletter Volume 20, Issue 2, Second Quarter 2014”