In our current business climate, we must focus not only on the people who are doing the work on the collection floor, but also those in the front office, the back office, client services, cash applications, I.T., sales and marketing, “all” of our offices. I am a big believer in team. I’ve played sports my entire life and learned some valuable lessons along the way, one of which is pulling together when times get tough. As many of you know, the collection industry has many rewards, but can also be challenging at times. It is during those difficult times that we need to “pull together” and overcome whatever obstacle comes our way.

We all have our own specific gifts and it’s my job to understand why you are as valuable staff members, as well as understand your strengths and areas to be improved. We are only as good as our weakest link, so I want us all to be the best we can be. Anyone who is in a leadership position has an obligation to continue to inspire both his and her teams and to inspire themselves by asking questions, identifying areas of opportunity and being independent and creative thinkers. What is your contribution?

Getting to know your staff seems to basic a notion that I am always surprised when it is debated within professional circles, especially in the world of collections. All of us that are in the industry know that it takes a wide variety of professional personalities to make a company successful.

I am excited about State Collection Services and everything the future here holds. I am honored to be here and proud of all of the company’s accomplishments, but nothing could happen without “real” people doing real work. We have birthdays and families, and we have good days and bad days. We will experience everything as a team and we will support and inspire each other to be better. We must all be vested in the success of our company and willing to take a team approach to realize our goals and be the best we can be.

Years of experience have taught me that when managers make a sincere effort to get to know their staff, employees work harder for clients. My door is always open and when I ask employees, “what are you doing to be better than you were yesterday,” I genuinely want to hear what they have to say.

About State Collection Service, Inc.

Since 1949, State Collection Service has provided quality collection service to countless healthcare organizations.

Through experience and innovation, State Collection Service has grown to become a tremendously credible and nationally-recognized collection agency offering services from pre-registration to bad debt. It is upon the basis of ethical behavior and a dedication to integrity that each State Collection Service employee works to uphold the company’s vision – Partnerships for a Lifetime.