The best way to handle these inquiries was to ensure the callers were in contact with some of our most tenured specialists who could handle a wide variety of inquiries. First call resolution is always our goal and that means empowering our Consumer Relations Team with the knowledge and authority to resolve accounts on behalf of the consumer. This means having direct access to key information about the account and the ability to work closely with our client services team when we need our client’s help for additional information.

The Consumer Relations Team has a dedicated phone number and calls are handled with a very low average speed to answer. Calls may be transferred from other collection specialists, they may be direct calls from consumers, or may be calls directed from our website. Afterall, the way we handle calls is a direct reflection on the clients on whose behalf we work. The goal is to resolve accounts thoroughly and leave the consumer feeling satisfied with the resolution on the account, by providing top notch customer service.

Mike Paumen, our Madison Collection Manager feels strongly that the Consumer Relations Team has had a positive impact on the resolution of inquiries. Mike states, “The consumers who have called into the help line so far, have been happy that we could answer their questions on the spot. Many times, this leads to payment on the account. The most common call we have received is from someone who has questions about the Online Payment Portal; we have equipped our Consumer Relations Team with the necessary tools to answer questions about the payment portal.”

We are looking forward to the continued resolution of consumer inquiries through our Consumer Relations Team. As Tom Haag always says, “You collect more bees with honey than vinegar!”

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