State Responds to COVID-19

As the global pandemic continues to unfold, we remain committed to partnering with healthcare providers to offering outstanding service to patients. Know that we are closely monitoring the situation as well as guidance from the CDC and local officials. We are rapidly responding to this quickly evolving situation.
Our Employees
We have created a Response Team that meet daily, have committed to daily communication to our staff, and will remain flexible with scheduling due to childcare needs and illnesses. We have expanded our cleaning services and have also suspended all travel and in-office visitors. Separated seating is in process as we extend the physical distance between team members where we can. While we use employee virtual training and meetings today, the use of those tools has been expanded. Our new hire and ongoing training processes are all virtualized in our Bridge Learning Management System. Our experienced trainers are delivering new hires, experienced staff, and new client programs virtually.
Remote Working
State already has staff members who are successfully working remotely, as we have for many years. Our remote staff uses technology as if they were in the office such as speech analytics, payment processing, recorded phone calls, and access to supervisory assistance. State provides all technology to staff as part of our remote worker policy. Our Leadership team has executed the plan to immediately deploy a significantly expanded remote workforce that includes call center representatives and administrative functions.
Patient Satisfaction
During these challenging times our commitment to patient satisfaction remains paramount for how all patient conversations are handled. We have developed special scripting for extending payment plans, when payments are missed, exploring financial assistance qualification, and in our Extended Business Office evaluating processes that occur before an account is placed for bad debt collection. We will utilize our speech analytics technology to ensure all scripting is available for the team, as well as, monitor the mentions of COVID-19 within calls, both in real-time and post-call review. Those calls will be reviewed and additional scripting or scenarios will be discussed with our clients as we learn from each conversation. All scripting changes can be made real-time without delay. Our Patient Satisfaction Analyst and Director of Patient Engagement are leading the efforts to ensure sensitive calls are handled with the utmost care. We would welcome your feedback on the scripting as we partner with you to maintain patient satisfaction.
Partnering with You
We remain committed to rapid response as new information is shared and we learn how to best handle circumstances regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. We are your partner in providing continued service to your patients, by handling all inbound and outbound calls with empathy and concern while making it easy to facilitate payments, payment plans, and adjust plans based on individual circumstances. Together we will continue to evaluate processes based on the changing needs.
We will continue to provide updates as there is information to share. If you have additional questions, please contact your Account Executive. Thank you for your partnership with State and for all your organization is doing in the midst of these challenging times.