Last month, Ruth Podest, our CallMiner Business Analyst, and I had the opportunity to attend LISTEN 2014, the annual Call Miner conference. Those of you who have heard me talk about what this technology has done for our organization know I am passionate about it, but if it’s possible, I’m even more excited than ever about what we learned at the conference to take the technology to the next level.

Here are some new or expanded concepts the team will be working on as we look to 2015 and beyond:

  • Agent Desktop Dashboard via MyEureka! – This product will take the speech analytics scores that we share today and put them on each user’s desktop along with key metadata from our collection system. Each agent will have a personal dashboard of their key performance indicators on collection results and quality assurance scores.
  • “Journey Led” Transformation of the Patient Experience – Being “Journey Led” means to analyze what happens during the entire patient experience, across multiple events or touch points in the customer service process. This means not only analyzing each individual call, but analyzing the complete customer experience across all interactions with our call center. This will be accomplished through advanced search strings that tie key data together across experiences.
  • Measuring “Prosody” – Prosody is the acoustic emotion of a call based on audio signals. Prosody will allow the system to align audio signals with text to measure the true sentiment, mood, or tone of a call. These measures will be indicators of how the patient truly “feels” on the call.

Conference keynote speaker, Don Peppers, posed a fantastic question to the group, “What is the #1 driver of customer satisfaction?” The answer is…. RESOLUTION.

Resolution can be first call resolution, this can be the final resolution of the obstacle that was preventing the patient from paying, this can be helping to answer insurance questions or making a three way call to an insurance company with the patient, or any other number of ways to resolve an account.

I was glad to hear we are on track for high customer satisfaction as we are already measuring first call resolution in our scorecards and the use of resolution language on patient calls. Going forward, we will continue to use this resolution verbiage in our training processes and ensure we are getting key client and account information to our agents as they drive for first all resolution.

Our goal is first call resolution with 80% or greater of our patient calls and I am pleased to report that we are exceeding that goal today! With the expansion of our speech analytics technology, we know we can get to 85% or 90% in 2015!

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*This article first appeared in “A State Collection Service, Inc. Newsletter Volume 20, Issue 4, Fourth Quarter 2014”