EurekaLIVE is a real-time speech analytics tool that allows agent conversations to unfold in text format within 3-5 seconds of the words being spoken. The text triggers fly-outs to the agent based on alert language built to guide the agent through the call. Increased script and call guideline adherence, reduced training time, and service recovery are all goals State Collection Service considered when making the decision to implement EurekaLIVE.

Beyond the “Command Post”, which is a real-time supervisor dashboard that adjusts based on what is occurring on the call, the agent has their own mini-dashboard, or Agent Assistant, to offer assistance while the call is taking place. Right now, State Collection Service’s quality assurance, speech analytics, and production teams are developing the fly-outs that will provide coaching tools to each agent, specific to each line of business and client call requirements.

Janet Koltick, State Collection Service’s Patient Satisfaction Specialist, is one of the lead developers for the agent scripting being used in EurekaLIVE. About the implementation process, she said, “The representatives will see the Agent Assistant as their personal coach during the call, which will accelerate their path to success. Agent Assistant will allow the agent to adjust during the call. I wish I had this tool during my new hire training!” Below is an overview of the Agent Assistant that will be on each agent’s screen as their call is taking place:

How the Agent Assistant works, per EurekaLIVE:

  1. INNER CIRCLE: Changes color depending on the current alert that is triggered.
  2. OUTER CIRCLE: Measures tone of the call, changing from green to light green to yellow to red as agitation and alert severity levels increase.
  3. STATUS: States the current status; while on a call, this status will be the most recently triggered alert.
  4. EXPAND THE FLY-OUT: Press to expand the Assistant to view the fly-out window. The fly-out will provide additional information regarding the most recent alert – be it a script or pointers.
  5. RESET ALL: Clears the most recent event and hides the fly-out.
  6. FLY-OUT WINDOW: Displays information associated with the most recent alert. In addition to language being presented, a background image may also be configured to appear within the fly-out. Admin access is required.
  7. CALL DURATION: A timer counts the current call duration

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*This article first appeared in “A State Collection Service, Inc. Newsletter Volume 22, Issue 2, Second Quarter 2016”