Last quarter, we shared the results from the first 90 days of our use of CallMiner’s EurekaLIVE! within our Extended Business Office (EBO) division. These results have been phenomenal with a 22.84% increase in financial/negotiation language, an 11.22% decrease in the customer asking for a call back, a 48.9% increase in our scripted TCPA required language (telephone/cell phone consent), and a 17.5% reduction in risk language! We continue to be excited about the impact this tool has on our overall performance and the customer service we offer our patients and clients.

One of the features of EurekaLIVe! is the ability to provide training “flyouts” to our representatives via the desktop Agent Assistant. These flyouts are all client-specific and some describe it as a “trainer sitting on my shoulder”. The flyout helps the representative answer the patient’s questions thoroughly and completely, ensuring single-call resolution. When a representative is on a call with a patient, based on the language the patient uses, applicable training tips “fly out” to the representative to assist them. If the patient cannot pay in full, for example, guidelines will appear so that the representative is quickly reminded of the terms for setting up a payment plan for that particular client. Not only does this ensure compliance with our client’s policies and procedures, it gives the representative more confidence in handling the phone call, and provides patients with immediate solutions to their needs! In the coming months, we will be expanding the use of flyouts to not only include hyperlinks that will route representatives to more detailed procedures, if needed, while on a phone call.

Not only has EurekaLive! allowed us to enhance our real-time coaching and de-escalation techniques as well as ensure continued compliance and provide our representative with the tools they need to resolve the account, the technology is also allowing us to improve our ramp-up time for new hires and existing representatives. Because of the flyouts we’ve created, our teams have been able to improve our call handling times, abandonment rates, and average speed to answer, along with other metrics we establish with our clients. As we continue to work with EurekaLIVE!, we are excited to see what other improvements we can make in our overall training and ramp up, employee retention, and client and patient satisfaction.

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*This article first appeared in “A State Collection Service, Inc. Newsletter Volume 23, Issue 3, Third Quarter 2017”