Keeping up with today’s diverse call center workforce can be quite the challenge if your organization is not embracing the various generations represented within your staff. State Collection Service has maintained a solid reputation as innovators in the use of technology in debt collections. Continuing in alignment with our reputation, State Collection Service is implementing an eLearning platform tailored by our in-house Training Specialists to target all learning styles and generations utilizing a variety of learning activities.

Our eLearning program will utilize electronic technologies to access developmental curriculum outside of a traditional classroom, offering more flexibility to the user while embracing technology. As more and more “Millennials” (Gen Y) and “iGeneration” (Gen Z) enter our workforce, and with technology at the core of our attention, eLearning caters to the diverse learning styles of all generations. In addition, the eLearning program will aid in retention, performance, and productivity. This will not only assist with new hire training, but with all continued training and development within State Collection Service.

It is important to understand the three different learning styles regarding adult education:

  • Kinesthetic Learner: This learner will stay engaged and retain information by learning hands on (work instructions, role playing, hands on activities, etc.
  • Audio Learner: This learner will stay engaged and retain information by listening (CD or online training, lecturers, etc.)
  • Visual Learner: This learner will stay engaged and retain information by seeing it done (PowerPoint presentations, reading manuals, etc.)

No two employees are the same, nor will they learn information or retain it the same. In addition to an eLearning program targeting the different learning styles, it is also a great way to engage technology, not only for the generations that are already “tech savvy” and prefer technology, but also for those generations that tend to shy away from or prefer to not use technology. State Collection Service is proud to announce our new partnership with Instructure with their learning management system, Bridge. Bridge is a cloud-based learning platform that will enable our training department and business leaders to deliver an eLearning solution that accelerates employee development and retention. Bridge will also assist our team in measuring and monitoring the unique training needs of our growing workforce. It allows us to quickly develop content and training tracks for our teams that will result in faster ramp-up of learning the concepts and processes they need to be effective in their jobs, improving overall performance.

Each generation, along with the different learning styles, brings a unique set of talents, skills, and challenges. By recognizing, adapting and remaining innovative with the eLearning program, State Collection Service will continue to be a leader in the collection industry.

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*This article first appeared in “A State Collection Service, Inc. Newsletter Volume 22, Issue 3, Third Quarter 2016”