The representative scorecard delivers call results in a summary format for all calls recorded and provides the supervisor with data to coach a representative on key points in their call sequence that require improvement, as well as, showcase calls that are above the standard. Contact Analytics allow the supervisory team to:

  • Ensure agent procedural compliance with a health system’s right party verification practices and specific financial assistance/charity language expected on appropriate calls
  • Automatically score agent performance and demonstrate scores for each call, pointing to the exact place within call where key scorecard elements are achieved or bypassed
  • Optimize quality monitoring efforts via a consistent process for which to measure representative performance compared to the peer group
  • Identify representatives who need monitoring/training on politeness and the ability to follow approved call guidelines
  • Improve sampling for call monitoring by analyzing calls that are recorded
  • Identify process issues and knowledge gaps that assist in a higher percentage of first call resolutions

Patient satisfaction scores can be improved by knowing what is discussed on each call that causes a patient concern, analyzing the frequency of those concerns and feeding that information back to the healthcare provider for discussion around possible process improvements. By identifying process improvements and implementing changes over time, patients will see their concerns are addressed proactively and actual changes can be made to the overall patient experience. It is our responsibility as your business associate partner to provide data regarding what occurs on the calls we handle for your facility and how we can work together to improve patient satisfaction. We look forward to continued partnership discussions about the overall improvement of the patient experience!

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