Tim Haag has stepped into the position of President of State Collection Service. This represents the third generation of family leadership at State; the company founded by his grandfather. With this monumental step in its leadership, as well as history, State decided to communicate this new era with a logo and tagline that defines the company and its mission.

State realizes that a company’s band is more than its logo and tagline; yet, they represent an opportunity. It is a way to communicate a company’s message through visual representation. Visual communication is a key factor in delivering a strong message to individuals in the market; it says who State is and what it strives to accomplish every day. This is why we have introduced our new logo and tagline. It is not because State has changed its mission, but rather has grown to encompass its expanding impact and demographic, as well as mark this monumental era in its leadership’s history.

To mark the start of this new step in State’s history, we are introducing a new logo which is designed to provide a clean and modern look… But, there is also a story behind the logo. The first thing you’ll notice about the new logo is the speech bubble. While we added a new tagline and logo, our vision statement, Partnerships for a Lifetime, is something we as an organization take quite seriously. As we all know, all solid relationships are based upon listening and meaningful conversations. The logo represents the partnership/relationship we establish with our clients and their patients.

You may also notice that the “S” inside of the speech bubble looks like a path. This is meant to imply the journey we help patients traverse as they navigate through their healthcare experience.

The logo and tagline, “The Voice of Patient Experience,” speaks to the relationship we establish with patients and our commitment to a positive, patient experience. Our job is not simply to answer a question or request a payment. It is to assist, listen to, and educate the patients with whom we interact daily, positively engaging them through their financial journey.

Finally, these elements are meant to say to the market, we are healthcare experts, Our website is designed to highlight that expertise. If you have not already done so…. check out our new website!

About State Collection Service, Inc.

Since 1949, State Collection Service has provided quality collection service to countless healthcare organizations.

Through experience and innovation, State Collection Service has grown to become a tremendously credible and nationally-recognized collection agency offering services from pre-registration to bad debt. It is upon the basis of ethical behavior and a dedication to integrity that each State Collection Service employee works to uphold the company’s vision – Partnerships for a Lifetime.

*This article first appeared in “A State Collection Service, Inc. Newsletter Volume 24, Issue 2, Second Quarter 2018”