Employees within our Extended Business Office (EBO) have an opportunity to receive nationally recognized professional certification through HFMA’s Certified Revenue Cycle Representative (CRCR) program. This program provides our staff with knowledge of the entire revenue cycle and empowers them to be solution-providers by giving them the tools they need to handle a variety of patient questions and concerns that may come up on a daily basis. I recently interviewed EBO Team Lead, Jessica Kronschnabel, to find out how the CRCR certification has helped her in her role here at State Collection Service.

Brandi: What is your overall impression of the CRCR certification?
Jessica: Taking the class was a big eye opener to the whole process, from when you walk in the door, to how claims are generated, to the insurance processing, to the bill process and collections. The class goes into each step deeper than what I had expected. This has helped deescalate calls as I have a better understanding of the process to then be able to explain it to patients.

Brandi: What are a few things you’ve learned through CRCR that you didn’t know before?
Jessica: I learned new and helpful information regarding Medicare A, including a benefit period that resets after 60 days of being hospital free. I received more in-depth knowledge about the ABN, and I have used this information when speaking to patients to explain in more detail why balances are not covered under this.

Brandi: What additional feedback can you provide about the CRCR certification
Jessica: Overall, it is a much more detail-oriented class that puts the puzzle pieces together. When I started at State I did not know much medical terminology, even coinsurance and deductible. As you start to familiarize yourself with the business you pick up on bits and pieces, but taking this class puts all the bits and pieces together in a whole new way, making it much more understandable. Having a stronger understanding of the revenue cycle allows me to help patients more easily understand the process.

Accepting the challenge of “planning for the future” – How our Future Leaders program benefits our staff. An interview with Amanda Carter, Extended Business Office Supervisor.

State Collection Service’s Future Leaders program is designed for high potential employees who have demonstrated leadership aptitude and a sincere desire to pursue management as a career. The purpose of the program is to provide the participants with a series of training sessions, discussion groups, and assignments that will prepare them for leadership roles within the company. We are very proud of this program and the over 70% of the participants who have been promoted because of it. I recently interviewed EBO Supervisor, Amanda Carter, to see how the program has benefited her.

Brandi: What was one of the reasons you enjoyed the Future Leaders Program so much?
Amanda: Aside from the team building, one of the many reasons I enjoyed the program is the book we were given, The Leadership Challenge. Through the program and book, I discovered the ‘real leader’ in me, which at times was not easy because I thought I had always known my ‘role’. This program helped me realize I had so much more to offer.

Brandi: How has the program benefited you here with your career at State Collection Service?
Amanda: From the very first day of the program, I enjoyed every session from start to finish, which has transformed me and has helped pave my way. Since graduating from the program in early 2015, I have been promoted three times. I was promoted to Universal Representative in June 2015, EBO Statement Specialist in October 2015, and EBO Supervisor in April 2017.

Brandi: What would you say to others who may be considering applying for the Future Leader program?
Amanda: The first time I applied for the program, I wasn’t chosen. I was very disappointed, but I applied for the next session and was accepted! I strongly urge anyone who is considering leadership within our company to give the program a try. Who knows, you may discover something new about yourself through the process.

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*This article first appeared in “A State Collection Service, Inc. Newsletter Volume 24, Issue 1, First Quarter 2018”