Introducing MIA – State’s Interactive Virtual Assistant!

State's Interactive Virtual Assistant

After 2 two years in implementation and testing, State will soon launch interactive virtual assistant technology! Once again, State is leading the industry in harnessing technology to better assist patients. As a growing percentage of consumers are comfortable interacting with a computer to manage their account, and some even prefer it, State will offer phone-based artificial intelligence to assist patients on inbound calls.

We’ve carefully developed a persona for this technology. We’ve named her MIA (my intelligent assistant) and developed an image of her. MIA is bi-lingual, and her voice is designed to sound helpful and kind.

MIA is available 24/7/365, even when our office is closed, so she can help additional patients who may not be able to manage their account during our call center hours. The system will learn and improve over time – much like people. Patients will be able to speak to MIA instead of having use the telephone keypad to complete tasks.

MIA will handle administrative type calls such as balance inquiry, payment history and receipt requests. The system also will complete regulatory tasks such as completing the mini-miranda, recording disclosure, TCPA language, verifying authorized caller, and more – which will save representatives time on each call, allowing you to assist more patients each day.

We’ll do a “soft” launch with a limited number of inbound calls in mid-April. This will allow us to fine-tune the system before we turn on all Third Party inbound calls. Third Party representatives will receive additional training prior to the launch. Once Third Party is fully functional, we’ll turn our attention to adding this technology to EBO and expect to go live in 2022.

We look forward to welcoming MIA soon!