Our Quality is Your Peace of Mind


Quality Assurance

State Collection Service is certified under the PPMS certification program endorsed by ACA International. This is an industry-specific quality assurance program similar to the ISO 9000, which requires that all processes and policies be documented, reviewed, and continuously examined for improvement.

The PPMS system consists of 18 elements which outline quality control standards involving the management of client issues, document and data control, inspection and testing procedures, internal auditing, training procedures, and a process and client satisfaction measurement system, among others.

Working within our PPMS framework, State Collection Service documents and reviews all client issues, non-conformities, IT system requests, and continuous improvement initiatives. PPMS provides the structure for effective quality-control standards specific to the collection industry. State Collection Service provides the management expertise to effectively integrate this system for maximum benefit to our clients.

We use the documentation requirements applicable to client issues, non-conformities, and measurements to perform trend analyses for improved monitoring of our processes. Our utilization of the PPMS framework allows our organization to adapt quickly to change, adhere to regulations and specific work standards, manage growth effectively, and continuously execute valuable improvement initiatives within our business practices.

In essence, our PPMS certification leaves our clients comfortable and confident in our daily business practices. Our effective execution of PPMS ensures that we are monitoring ourselves effectively so that you do not have to monitor us. State Collection Service‚Äôs quality assurance standards provide competitive advantages that deliver tangible value to our clients, including increased levels of customer service, adherence to requirements and work standards, and the assurance that all consumers are treated fairly and consistently.