Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you able to collect on a nation wide basis?

    Yes, we are compliant and licensed to collect in all 50 states.

    Bilingual Collectors

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  • Do you have bilingual collectors?

    We have bilingual collection specialists who are capable of handling phone calls or walk-ins. We are also able to send bilingual letters if necessary.

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  • How should we handle bankruptcy notices?

    Mark your records with the pertinent bankruptcy information and then fax or mail a copy of the notice to our office if it has been placed for collection. This information can also be emailed to us at customersupport@stcol.com. Pertinent bankruptcy information we need includes:

    • Type of Bankruptcy (Chapter 7, 11, 12, or 13)
    • Case Number
    • Date Filed
    • Who Filed
    • District that Bankruptcy was filed in

    Additionally, we would like any updates you receive on bankruptcy cases, especially Notice of Discharge or Notice of Dismissals.

    Collection Placement

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  • How do we refer business to you for collection placement?

    We can accept new business in any type of media, although electronic placement is the quickest and easiest to process. Contact our Sales team at 800-477-7474 to find out how we can get you in the process.

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