Customer Focus


Customer Service

Our dedication to superior customer service is one of our competitive advantages and an attribute that benefits all of our clients. We provide a full line of first- and third-party collection services, including the following customer-centric services that make State Collection Service one of the most fully qualified agencies in the country:

  • Experienced and knowledgeable team of Client Service Executives and Representatives who understand the specific needs of each industry we serve
  • Industry-specific account representatives and collection specialists
  • Client-specific training for our staff involved with accounts
  • Customized work standards, utilizing our experience, technology, and your policies to develop workflows and customer service processes for mutual success
  • Client-specific audits at regular intervals to ensure work and performance standards are consistently met
  • Advanced data security, electronic billing and reporting capabilities, and client-web access

One of our most valuable assets with regard to customer service is our communication with our clients' team. Our Client Services team is well trained and experienced, leading to quick response, effective problem solving and valuable solutions for our clients on a day to day basis. In addition, we regularly meet with our clients to discuss new ideas, report on progress, provide results from our internal audits, and exchange updates on our respective businesses.