Compliance Resources



Our compliance team, led by a Compliance Officer who is a designated MAP (ACA International’s Members Attorney Program) attorney and certified under ACA International’s Credit and Collection Compliance Officer degree program, is a valuable resource for our company and our clients. This team is supported by our production supervisors, Director of Production, site managers, and our entire training department.

Our compliance team is responsible for regulatory and contract compliance, as well as initiating project initiatives and research regarding the ever changing landscape of our industry and yours. This compliance team oversees the following to help our organization and our clients manage an ever evolving regulatory landscape:

  • FDCPA and FCRA compliance
  • Review of contracts
  • Review of outgoing mail and faxes
  • Credit bureau management when appropriate (online deletion and updating of credit bureau reporting)
  • Written dispute process management
  • Letter review for FDCPA compliance
  • Research and knowledge of case law involving the collection industry

HIPAA Compliance: Ahead of the Curve

Our company was one of the first agencies to implement a HIPAA program, long before that legislation took effect. We implemented business associate agreements 6 months prior to the legislation, assisted with training courses for our clients, and shared our contracts with their legal departments.

We are proud to have been an industry leader when the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act became law. In fact, our Chairman and CEO served on a HIPAA task force for ACA International, leading the way to developing an industry-wide HIPAA compliance plan and implement effective HIPAA measures for the collection industry.

Our agency is acutely aware of the importance of having the necessary procedures and safeguards in place to ensure compliance with HIPAA regulations. Our clients provide us with large amounts of private information (including PHI), and we have years of experience safeguarding such information.

Compliance Hotline

We maintain, as a resource for our clients and their customers, a Compliance Hotline which our Compliance Officer provides guidance on a variety of compliance related issues with regard to our industry and yours. This compliance hotline is a valuable resource for our clients to obtain opinions on regulatory issues and processes related to compliance.

Compliance Resources and Training

State Collection Service takes great care and precaution to ensure our compliance to the current regulations and laws governing our industry and yours. Much of our training curriculum for new hires and ongoing development cover the latest in laws and regulation that affects our business. At State Collection Service, we understand that our level of compliance is only as strong as the individuals we hire who must ensure we comply with the laws and regulations that affect our industry and yours each day. Most importantly, State Collection Service has a zero tolerance policy for consumer complaints.

Statement of Compliance

State Collection Service’s commitment to the professionalism of our staff is a valuable piece of our company’s culture and value system. It is one of our areas of expertise and a competitive advantage for our organization. We believe that successful employee development is one of the keys to employee retention, loyalty, and overall company success. Upon hire, each new employee receives our Confidentiality Agreement, which they are required to sign and adhere to.

Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct

State Collection Service and all of its employees abide by the Code of Ethics published by ACA International. In fact, our Chairman and CEO, Tom Haag (a Past President of ACA International) served on the ACA International Ethics Task Force that was responsible for publishing the latest version of ACA International’s Code of Ethics for the Collection Industry.

In addition, all new employees receive our Code of Conduct, which includes an Employee Pledge, upon hire. All employees are required to sign and adhere to this Code of Conduct and Employee Pledge:

I believe every person has worth as an individual.

I believe every person should be treated with dignity and respect.

I will make it my responsibility to help consumers find ways to pay their just debts.

I will be professional and ethical.

I commit to honoring this pledge.