An Unparalleled Commitment to Training


Investing in Our People

State Collection Service employs a team of certified trainers dedicated to continually improving collector training and employee development. All members of our training staff are fully trained through ACA International training programs, and have experience conducting training courses on a national scale. Our Executive Vice President, Tina Hanson, currently serves on ACA International’s Education Council. We are proud to count among our staff four ACA International-certified trainers (which include ACA International’s Train-the-Trainer designation), and two of the five ACA International-certified PPMS instructors in the world.

Compliance and effective communication is one of the keys to our success and growth over the past six decades. Much of our training focuses on the quality of communication with your customers, including adherence to the laws and regulations of our industry and yours.

Our new hire training and ongoing educational programs develop employees who are knowledgeable, respectful, and prepared to effectively manage the complexities of the collection environment.

Training and Employee Education

Training is a top priority within State Collection Service. Our employees understand from the beginning of their tenure that employee education and development is a primary focus that leads to increased productivity and satisfied clients. We offer the following with respect to our training and education programs:

  • ACA International Certified Collectors
  • Credit and Collection Compliance Officer certification
  • HFMA’s Credentialed Revenue Cycle Representative program
  • Specific training to reflect policies and requirements of the client
  • Client training programs and regular seminars for clients

ACA Certification of Collectors

After six months with State Collection Service, our collectors are eligible to become certified through ACA International as a Professional Collection Specialist (PCS); our internal policy regarding certification requires that all collectors receive their PCS designation by the end of their first year of employment. This certification is fully funded and supported by State Collection Service and is a vital part of our focus on achieving meaningful certifications for our entire organization. As a result of our commitment to achieving certification for our collection specialists, our clients can feel assured that their customers are being contacted by highly trained and industry-certified collection professionals.

HFMA’s Credentialed Revenue Cycle Representative (CRCR)

At State Collection Service, we understand that regulations are becoming more complex, especially within the healthcare environment. To assist in first call resolution, provide assistance to the patient in the form of education and understanding the claim detail, we know that our staff must have a broader understanding of the entire revenue cycle. This understanding has led State Collection Service to make a commitment to HFMA’s Credentialed Revenue Cycle Representative, or CRCR, program.

Our Promise to You

You can rest assured that State Collection Service’s commitment to training and professionalism is one of the most important factors in our ability to be successful for our clients. It is, in fact, a valuable piece of our company’s culture and value system, and one of our areas of expertise and a competitive advantage for our organization. We believe that successful employee development is one of the keys to employee retention, loyalty, and overall company success.