ACA International’s PPMS Certification Program Celebrates 10 Years

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sara Bobrowski

MINNEAPOLIS – ACA International is pleased to announce the 10th anniversary of its Foundational Training on the Professional Practices Management System (PPMS), which offers members another valuable tool in quality assurance.  Obtaining PPMS certification demonstrates an agency’s commitment to compliance and the highest standard of operations.

“ACA’s PPMS program was tailored to my company’s specific needs,” said Tom Haag, chief executive officer of State Collection Service in Madison, Wisc., whose company received PPMS certification in 2001.  “Over the past decade we’ve seen firsthand that PPMS greatly reduced the number of mistakes and has helped our employees work more efficiently.”

PPMS is a management system for collection agencies based upon developing, implementing and adhering to a set of industry-specific professional practices and policies to guide operations. Created in 2000 with extensive involvement by ACA members, the original program included 17 basic elements to help agencies standardize how they are managed and run. In 2008, ACA enhanced PPMS by adding an 18th element, which deals with physical and data security.  Currently, there are 59 PPMS certified ACA members.

“Maintaining PPMS certified status requires an annual commitment by each company to document that they are continually meeting program standards,” said ACA International Chief Executive Officer Patrick J. Morris. “We applaud the program pioneers who are celebrating a decade of excellence and all of the organizations that have followed in their footsteps as standard bearers for high quality.”

  • Williams & Fudge Inc. (03/03/01)

Rock Hill, S.C.

  •  State Collection Service, Inc. (07/07/01)

Madison, Wis.

  •  Conserve (08/28/01)

Fairport, N.Y.

  •  AMCOL Systems Inc. (12/04/01)

Columbia, S.C.


To find how your agency can work toward PPMS certification, e-mail or call (952) 928-8000.

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